We assemble dream teams

To make great design a reality, it takes a team of talented individuals. That's why we assemble teams of hand-picked experts from our network.







We at Zoosh are the software and information technology solutions partner for you. We understand that doing things right from the beginning is better for both you and us. Our approach to addressing our customer needs is unique. We take a Goal-Directed methodology into practice for software design, project management and engineering.


A local presence and ability to promptly get experts to our customers is essential. As such, all Zoosh sites are European with local management, design and engineering capacity in Ireland, Finland and Hungary.


We need to understand what the problem is before we design a solution to address it.
We take the time to interview and observe the end users that will eventually use the solution we are to design. We also analyze existing solutions, processes and other related documentation.
In just three days we can achieve a good foundation of understanding. And in one week we can prove it.






We design and create software for the web, mobile, desktop and pretty much any type of digital media that is an essential component  of a solution to address your needs.

We know that through comprehensive understanding we can take on any design and development project from small focused solutions to large scale and complex business critical applications. Below you'll find some of the services we offer:



We design software interactions, visualization and technical architectures. We apply Goal Directed software design methodology that links users to a software solution and finally to a non-compromised technical implementation.


We engineer and manage bespoke / customized solutions. We choose technologies that best address the needs of our customers, and assemble the best team of experts to take on the challenge.





Our team are skilled with application development for an assortment of platforms including web, Android, Apple and Microsoft Windows. We are also experts with Cloud architectures and as such can create converging solutions that span across a variety mobile and desktop platforms.









Looking for a strategic partner? We’d love to hear more about you. And we’d love to share more of our work. So give us a call or drop us an email.




Phone / Fax: +353 43 339 0896

Mobile: +353 85 827 3442